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Production Machineries
Press Machine (Mechanical) : 1-6.3 Ton
Press Machine (Mechanical) : 10 Ton
Press Machine (Mechanical) 16 Ton
Komatsu Press Machine (Japan) 40ton-45ton
Komatsu Press Machine (Japan) 60 Ton
Sino Press Machine (Taiwan) 80 Ton
Press Machine ( Mechanical ) 110 Ton
Spot Welding Machine (USA)
LVD Shearing Machine (Spain)
Auto Powder Coating Line (USA)
CNC Turret Punch (Japan)
LVD Bending Machine (Belgium)
nm productionmachine
nm productionmachine
Technical Equipment / Machinery List (Tool Room)
Auto – CAD (Cam)
Super Drill Machine
Grinding Machine (Japan)
Sodick EDM Wire Cut Machine (Japan)
Turning Machine (England)
Miling Machine With Digital Read Out
Mitsubishi CNC Machine Center (Japan)
nm technicalmachine
nm technicalmachine
Measuring Equipment For QA Dept
Swift-Duo (Video Measuring Systems)
Flexivision Smart Scope
Profile Projector – Horizontal (USA)
Digital Height Gauge – Mitutoyo
Digital Caliper
Pin Gauge
Full Range Of Thread Gauge
nm measuringmachine
Our Own Technologies
Resistance Checker (Manual)
Auto Resistance Checker