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To be world class tooling and precision metal stamping manufacturer.
To be the best metal stamping. Produced precision part with the lower tolerances +/-0.015mm. Solving and advising customer on technical problems which related to die stamping parts. We will provide quality products reliably and efficiently through innovative means. North Metal Industrial will grow by building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with selected customers (customer voice).
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North Metal Industrial Sdn Bhd is a trusted and fast growing tooling & precision metal stamping company located in Perai Industrial Park, Penang Malaysia. We have a total of 41,980 Sq.Ft factory land area, consisting of 3 production plants & office. North Metal Industrial Sdn Bhd is committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers, which is why we work hard to maintain our IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Through more than 28 years of experience, we have served many industries and have successfully delivered precision metal stamping products that meet the most stringent industry requirements. Our major industries served are Automotive, Electronic, Electrical, Audio Video, Camera Module, Mechatronic, Medical Product, Powder Coating and Display Racks.

Our core business include Metal Stamping, Progressive Tool & Die Making and Sheet Metal Fabrication. Besides these capabilities, we are also outfitted to perform secondary & finishing services such as Tooling Design, Mechanical Sub Assembly, Powder Coating, Product Design as well as Fabrication Testing Jig & Fixtures. Our “one-stop-shop” approach eliminates your need for multiple vendors and thus offers significant cost savings, as well as expedited turnaround times. Our team of design specialists, technicians, and engineers has vast experience across various industries to ensure reliability, affordability, and the highest quality in your stamped product. Our high technology production facilities featuring the latest in laser cutting and etching, customizable tooling, sheet metal fabrication, prototype engineering and metal stamping.